Losing sight of the objective — 4 Comments

  1. In a similar vein to sending an indistinct image to someone with dodgy eyesight, Mrs M is currently suffering significant hearing problems, all the NHS GP Surgery has offered is a telephone consultation . . . . . .     You couldn't make it up.

    And the lazy, obese, good-for-nothing, clap-recipients even want a pay rise!

    • Do you not realise that what you are saying is National Heresy?  People have been hung drawn and quartered for less.

  2. My own lady and I have this hearing/seeing/getting old thing down pretty good. I can't hear well but I can see okay with the help of bi-focals while she can't see so well but has the hearing of a newborn babe (rotten woman). And since we can't guarantee departure from this life at the same time we've have decided to just live forever.

    Would laser surgery fix you sight problem? Just wondering.

    • Laser wouldn't work on the pressure thing [but that's sorted now anyway] but would work on the eyesight.  However there are two reasons I wouldn't go for it.  It is damned expensive and only really worth it if I were a youngun, and I have been wearing glasses for the last 66 years or so and would feel very strange without them.  It would be like dressing without putting on my trousers.

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