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  1. Grandad,
    I'm sure you're way ahead of me and it's years since I fiddled in it, but have you booted into the BIOS? Is the BIOS even still a thing these days? If it is still a thing, I remember there used to be settings in there to set the boot order of the computer.
    Whoa!! Just got your Email regards Martin Scriblerus. I'm honored and humbled by your kind gesture.

    • Yup.  Way ahead of you.  Tried everything in there.  It has one peculiarity – I can't set it to boot from USB by default.  It will only recognise the existence of a USB port if there is a drive plugged into it.  Weird.

      As for Martin S?  Don't blame me.

    • The Stiffy by the Liffey?

      And Nelson's Column is in Trafalgar Square while Nelson's Pillar was where all buses went to in Dublin

  2. Is it true that the army’s removal of the stump caused more damage than the IRA bombing of the top half?

    • If I remember correctly one taxi was damaged by falling masonry in the first explosion.

      Then the army came along, piled sandbags all over the place and fired off their explosion which shattered just about every window in sight.  They made one hell of a mess and became the laughing stock of Dublin. 

  3. My recently bought printer insisted on connecting by wi-fi. My computer however insists on describing it as USB – no matter it prints somehow. But when I switch on the PC in the morning the printer is asleep, and I always get a message that a USB connection is failing to respond and cannot be connected. Sometime this is irrelevant, it pops up then goes away, but other times, at random, it results in the USB mouse not working -so I have to unplug the mouse and allow the PC to reinstall the mouse. Digital should be 100% consistent. I can only conclude that simple traditional binary electronics has been infected with transgenderism.

    • I suppose that is sound logic.  If binaries can switch around in genders then obviously they can switch in processors.  So the question now is what gender my laptop is trying to be?

  4. So, your house is brighter, hotter and my guess is you're getting a much better satellite signal. So far so good. Sorry about the laptop but at least it works? I actually wrote a post on the old blog about our new laptop (no quirks so far). Not too sure why I did but I figure I just wanted see how the keyboard worked. It's robust, I can tell you that. Our largest cat ran over the keyboard–no damage.

    • Of course I read your post.  You know that cats have an obsession with keyboards.  It's one of the strange quirks of nature.

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