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  1. You have decades of motorway driving before needing to worry. 

    I knew a man down in Laois who stopped using the M7 at the age of 94. "Do you know," he said, "I was at those motorway signs before I could see them."

    • My driving doesn't worry me too much.  I can easily see well enough for that.  The bigger concern is from headaches if I read or do too much laptop.  I can feel my eyes straining.

      • I am glad online lessons ended today. I have been using a Mac at school and at the end of each day it has been a good half hour before my eyes have been properly able to focus.

        • A Mac? I hope you washed your hands afterwards.  Its only redeeming feature is that it hasn't anything to do with Micro$oft.

    • Giving up driving would be a massive loss.  Over the last couple of years I have had to make multiple hospital visits, none of which would be an easy journey using public transport, involving multiple changes of bus routes or trains.  And I just couldn't afford taxis.

  2. Worried about being able to see if you can safely drive? Drop a line to 10 Downing Street and ask if they can give you Dominic Cummings address. He could possibly give you some advice.

    • I missed that bit of news.  So a driving test consists of driving somewhere.  If you don't hit something then your eyesight is fine?  That is sound logic all right.

  3. Car tests have changed a lot. I took my first car, a clapped out old Morris Minor and the guy rocked the driver’s seat quite a way side to side. He still passed the car because as he said, the seat had to be firmly attached to the floor. It was, but the floor panel was completely rusted out! Good times.

    • There was one time I brought my Escort in, possibly for its first test since the law was introduced.  The tester gloomily announced that one of my headlights wasn't working and that the test was a fail.  I thumped the headlight and it came on.  'That's grand' says he and gave the pass certificate. Good times indeed.

  4. What's the problem?  Everything DOES have a slight haze to it …… always has!

    • When everything has a slight haze all the time.  Do you see clearly if you sober up?  wink

    • Good man yourself.  You had me worried there for a moment.

      As I have said in the past – I was only drunk once in my life…. from 1972 to 2010,

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