Lacking the balls — 9 Comments

  1. Funny you never hear women complain about under-representation in careers as bricklayers, road menders,  deep sea fishers, coal miners, steel workers…..

  2. Over in the UK, there is currently a call to close all women's prisons, as it is somehow thought fundamentally wrong to send women to jail.   So if a man and a woman are convicted of identical crimes, he would go to jail, she would get counselling.  Women already get lighter sentences.

    And I thought they were demanding equality?  It cuts both ways.

  3. What's wrong with Wyman (for those cross-dressers who still have a willy – the descender of the 'y' shows it's still hanging) and Woman for females?  (Womxn is bonkers, unpronounceable and meaningless.)

    But who really cares?  The fuss this tiny minority makes is disproportionate and quite repellent.

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