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  1. Those hospital waiting lists cannot be taken at face value. It is patently absurd to think that approaching  one fifth of the population is ill enough to need hospital treatment. I don't have an explanation, except that some people like me are seeing several different consultants,.This would hardly explain completely the extraordinarily high figure. 

  2. Well grandad, sounds like the stars are not aligning in your favor. On the bright side (at least for me); my copy of Head Rambles arrived yesterday and if I should ever find myself in an honest to goodness Irish pub, I will be able to order and enjoy a Guinness without my tired old body being used as a dart board. 

    I thank you kindly Sir!

    • No, I thank you.  Hope you're not too disappointed.  Incidentally, the cover they chose was my least favourite of a crap batch.

  3. Nphet. Sounds like ancient Egyptian city.

    Perhaps the mythical one where the un-dead await their fate, each confined, alone, in a cell. Ruled over by the well endowed goddess Nphetitty, She teases her victims by promises release into whatever the Egyptian equivalent of Nirvana was, the following week.

    But the following week never comes. Always jam tomorrow.

    • National Public Health Emergency Team.  Wouldn't you think they'd have the immagination to come up with a proper acronym?  Committee for Understanding Numbers Trends and Statistics for example?

  4. C.U.N.T.S.





  5. The Auckland City Council, with a fair few brainwashed anti-smokers and Green anti-cars and so on in it, in banning smoking in the CBD and bus stops and parks, considered in their infinite mercy to maybe allow some spots around the city where smokers could, you know, smoke, even outside in the open air.

    I thought that perhaps they could be labelled (on a map)

    Government Havens Enabling Taking Tobacco Outdoors.


    Thankfully most people don't take any notice, no fake coughs or fake hand waving.

    But still, the excise tax is more than the price of silver, so one saves ones tobacco.

    And the Zealots never sleep … even in a Covid crisis.

    “The value of tobacco is best understood when it is the last you possess and there is no chance of getting more.”

    – Otto von Bismarck.




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