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  1. Since the heat is on the fritz as well; possibly your computer, which has a mind of it's own (after a fashion) has decided not to do a damned thing until you warm it up in there.

    Did the box it came in have any reference to it being the "HAL 3000" version?

    • Luckily I have backups.  I still have the old heating system [which Herself wanted taken out] and that is working fine, though not quite as efficient.  I also have a backup laptop to do frantic searches on ["HELP – My Linux / Windows is fucked"].

      I still don't know what the root problem is………

  2. I installed Linux as a dual boot option on my Win 7 machine over a year ago, and have never been particularly happy with it. Most times I would get a weird screen of wavy lines after selecting Windowze, and always used to fear it would fail to load. On the odd occasion that W7 did a BSOD (I blame the particular machine, rather than the OS), I had to first boot into Linux, and then reboot to get W7 back. Later, after a few problems (of my own making) I rolled W7 back to an earlier image, and found the boot selection menu had gone – just W7.

    So I decided “Fuck It” and won’t bother with dual boot ever again. As my lappy has one drive installed in a DVD “caddy”, I’ve bought a second one, along with another SSD HDD, and from now on will simply shut it down and switch caddies to get each O/S. It takes no longer than going through the boot menu, and if I bollocks one up it won’t affect the other.

    • That's not a bad idea.   Either that or have a machine dedicated to each system.  I'm beginning to think along those lines.

    • Nice one.  Thanks Brian.

      One thing that weird is that nobody seems to have had a similar problem to mine, and believe me – I have searched long and hard!

  3. Just on the off chance, is the BIOS the right version for your machine or has it become corrupted?  Just spitballing, but that would be my first port of call.  The fix is an easy but slightly nerve-wracking BIOS refresh, then I'd try the GRUB repair if that didn't do the trick.

    • The machine is new so the BIOS should be the latest.  Corruption is a possibility.  The problem is that the Factory Restore can still leave Grub unaffected which is an oversight on the part of Dell.  In other words, it's not a complete restore to factory condition.

    • A lot of the time I was getting messages to turn off Secure Boot so I did.  I also removed Windows Hibernate as that can cause problems.

      Anyhows, I applied the Nuclear Option yesterday –

      Make sure Secure Boot is off.

      Boot into pen drive.

      Nuke all the Linux partitions [ /, /home, /swap] – all 600Gb..

      Remove any vestige of Linux Grub.

      Fire up Factory Restore

      Once Windows is running do a full disk check.

      Install Linux

      Switch on Secure Boot.

      Update everything and reinstall all software.

      So far everything is running smoothly with one exception – doing a Reboot from Windows brings up my old friend grub>.  A hard reboot has worked perfectly every time [so far] …….


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