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  1. I'll be waiting to read your report on the aftermath of driving to Dublin at nine in the morning to have what's basically a new car tested to make sure it's road worthy. Should be interesting to say the least.

    Hope you got your laptop fixed for good–one can always hope. We got our new one a few days ago and I spent 2 days getting the Windows 10 that was installed on it set up correctly for use. I have to admit HP did it right with this laptop. Almost no 'vaporware"/"bloatware" installed. Since it has one of those little 256 GB NVme SSD thingys I'm seriously considering not putting Mint on it. With my usual security setup on the thing I doubt we'll have any trouble as far as hacking is concerned.

    And may the tree fellers and the heating tech finally arrive. It's starting to sound like life in Vermont is like. Make an appointment on such and such day and they finally get here a week later.

    • Puter is still playing silly buggers.  I have lost count of the reinstalls [trying different settings each time].  The latest W10 install wouldn't even let me into it without an Interweb connection.  What the fuck am I supposed to do if I don't have a connection?

      Any vacancies in Vermont? 

      • On Windows 10. If you downloaded the latest version (20H2) this version took away the option at install to set Windows up as a local account. Fortunately for me the Win 10 version that came on our new laptop was an older version and the option was still there. By what I understand, if you don't have any connection that Win10 can pick up you should still be able to set it up as so-called "limited installation" (another term for local account I believe). If there is any type of connection (WiFi/wired) that Win10 can pick up during installation it will not give you the option.

        Lots of houses for sale in Vermont especially up here in Newport although the prices are a bit higher than usual ("sellers market" its called), and you'd be more than welcome. Still, I have my doubts that moving from Ireland to the US is really in the cards is it? I mean, you'd have to find a whole new power supply for your new laptop.

          • Looks fairly nice. I know the area up there and it's not bad. Kind of small though I'm thinkin'. Still, come ahead if you wish. Like I said, you'd be more than welcome. It would be much easier to visit with you that's for sure. Hope you like snow and splitting wood for the stove. You'd probably have to sell your new vehicle over there and then buy a 4-wheel drive rig over here since getting around without one during the 6 months of winter we have here is a real pain. But it sounds like you could well afford one and still have plenty left over.

            As a welcoming present I'll buy you an electric 5-ton log splitter.

            • It was almost the first one I looked at.  House prices there seem reasonable in comparison to here!  I doubt the nerves could take a move to a new house though, let alone a move to a different continent….

    • Hah! More than a glimmer of sympathy for the farmer.  Though I also feel a little sorry for The Law as he is obviously out of his depth!  He's probably a fresh recruit who has been drafted before his training has finished.

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