Tree fellers — 8 Comments

  1. I had bird-feeders hanging from my apple tree, but squirrels could reach them from it.  So now there's a 'feeding station' pole with four arms.  The little birds love it, the pigeons and rooks not so much and the squirrels have admitted defeat, ha ha.


    • I might try building one of those.  All I need is a long branch to stick in the ground.  Squirrels are few and far between here.

  2. Life's a beech.

    At least you are doing it before birds start nesting.

    Do you have a wood burner? Maybe you can get subsidies for saving the planet. Just stick a few beech nuts in the ground. You have planted trees.

    Whatever, be sure to video it. Something is bound to go wrong. International viral fame.

  3. Did you not have to have an environmental impact assessment, planning permission, a risk assessment, and an archaeological survey?

    • Of course I am complying with all assessments and standards and the job has full clearance from the authorities.

      My arse!

  4. Where I live, I’m surrounded by 75+ foot tall pine trees. We had loggers come take some (they pay you about $16 a board foot) but there’s more. The problem with pines is their shallow roots which makes them notorious quitters in high winds and even more so if the ground is wet.  If one comes down on my house I’m fucked!   

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