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    • Welcome Steve [A]!  Found it!  You're right – tucked up out of sight.  Thanks.

      And the good news is that I do in fact have an engine in the front of the car.  Who'd a thought?

      • Since the majority of countries drive on the right it's probably no surprise that things like the bonnet catch are fitted on the left, since they will be within easy reach of those drivers. Manufacturers can't be arsed to swap over something trivial for awkward buggers like us, and sometimes even safety related items like the wipers don't get properly converted. This also means most RHD front wheel drive cars have a crossover linkage between the brake pedal and servo, which normally sits over the gearbox, and can't be squeezed in behind the engine…

  1. Peugeot vans have it placed on the L/H end of the dashboard – such that you can see it ONLY if the passenger door is open!

  2. In all fairness, at one time (a few generations ago) we had "bonnets" here. Worn by the fair sex to keep their heads shaded from the sun. (And God help ya if ya tried to lift one!)

    You say "boot", my first thought is footwear. Although, over the years, I have been "given the boot" from various establishments after overstaying my welcome. 

  3. On my Peugeot, it is only possible to pull the catch to release the bonnet when the passenger door is open!

  4. The mystery knob you twiddled is probably the headlight height-adjuster – I'd advise resetting it to its natural position before the car is tested, as maladjusted headlights will be a test-failure item.

    Having finally found the bonnet-release catch in the passenger footwell, you may also notice another economy factor – the 'emergency' key-hole to gain access to your car when the key-fob blipper fails to operate is also located in the skin of the front passenger-door, as designing quite different door-skins for RHD cars would compromise the pricing.

    In contrast, and when you finally open the bonnet, you may be delighted to find that, rather than a flimsy little bonnet-stay for which the designated hole is virtually impossible to find, your car actually has a gas-strut to keep the bonnet open, an odd luxury feature in a car so economically built.

    • I have to check for the emergency keyhole yet.  I was too wet yesterday to be farting around the front garden.

      I was very impressed with the gas-strut though.  Very neat!

  5. Computer boot.

    Think it is because the thing gets its self up and running without outside input, other than pushing ON button.

    It pulls itself up by its boot laces. Much like you can attempt to self levitate.

    Touch of the Munchhausens.

  6. Glad you found your lever…and that you have an engine. Afraid you were going to find it was a wind-up with half the spring unwound for a minute there (you need a special tool to wind the damn thing back up…

    Okay, this comment is getting a bit ridiculous so I won't attempt to finish it. There's a good reason though–I'm confused as well. We're expecting the delivery of a brand new laptop tomorrow and I swore I'd never set up another Windows computer–ever. Guess what I'm doing over the next couple of days?

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