We are doomed — 11 Comments

  1. the official line is “Jayzus but we haven’t a fucking clue”

    Business as usual, then. You’re not alone, it’s much the same our side of the water, too.

  2. Our Governor here in Pa. didn't wait until we had some cases of this silly virus thingy.  He declared an emergency with 6 PRESUMPTIVE cases of the virus.

    So with Paddy's day canceled has the gub'mint closed down the Temple bar area?  Are pubs closed all over?

    • Pubs closed?  Wash your mouth out!  Keys to pubs will be handed down from the dying to the living.  The last remaining survivor will lock up the pubs.

  3. Here in the States they have closed Disneyland for the first time ever in 64 years of continuous daily operation. Other venues, amusement parks, town doings as well. I believe it's the right thing to do. But DISNEYLAND? Who'd a thunk it? I do hope your lovely isle rides this virus out without too much upheaval.

    • Welcome Debbie!  Closing Disneyland is one thing but cancelling Paddy's Day?  Not only have they banned all parades here but have banned the day altogether.  I'm not quite sure how that's going to work though.  Are we to somehow skip from March 16th to 18th? 

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