Sherlock Holmes I ain’t — 15 Comments

  1. If the missus and I are ever in Ireland and we find ourselves hungry, it's good to know where to go to get free food in the dead of night. Thank you.

    • A fox is a logical answer as we have quite a few around here.  I would have thought that a fox would be more inclined to pull it down from below rather than haul it up from above?

  2. Many creatures are smarter than we give them credit for. I recall a YT video of two Crows (Rooks, maybe?) working as a team to lift the plastic liner out of a McDonalds waste bin in order to get at the leftovers inside. Standing on the edge, one used his beak to pull up as much as he could then held it, then the second one pulled some more and held. They repeated the process several times before the bottom of the liner was high enough for them to reach the food…

    • I have seen crows in action.  One time I watched a flock on a suburban road.  Two experienced birds took the lead ripping open rubbish bags [left out for the bin collection] while the rest followed to scavenge on the spilled contents.  The rooks around here are rarely out after dark [though you should see them at dusk!].

  3. Climbing the tree makes me think it could be a cat of some sort GD. Domestic cats that have gone feral for a couple of generations can be pretty big. One for the X-files.

    • I'm inclined to plump for a cat all right.  There are quite a few around [including our own].  I hope he got severe stomach cramps.

  4. If you have foxes around your place and your bird feed balls were held together with suet then that may be your culprit. Foxes can climb trees just fine. Still, the top of the head and the ears suggest a cat but would a cat, even a big one, be able to haul up the bird food netting and all?

    It's a mystery. Get more cameras?

  5. Grandad,

    That is 100% a large fox, down here in OZ we have bloody millions of them living quite nicely in suburbia and of course in the bush (thanks to some pommy toffs in the 1800's who wanted to do a spot of fox hunting just like in the old country). I have two nice fox furs adorning the top of our 2 seater lounges (compliments of a farmer friend from way out west of me).


  6. Dear Grandad

    The face is definitely a fox.

    No evidence of anything climbing the tree or in it – spooky. Perhaps it has enlisted the help of aliens. This seems to be the answer to all mysteries.

    Now you know the <i>modus operandi</i>, you can angle the camera to catch the culprit in action.

    Happy hunting.


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