When the smoke gets in your eyes — 12 Comments

    • You might have a point but then I'm a Heath Robinson fan.  One of the main reasons I go for his pipes [apart from being somewhat quirky] is his filtration system.  That system gives a very cool dry smoke as all the gunk and goo is collected and then can be drained out of the bottom screw.

    • I can live with that.  If anyone asks what it is, I'll tell 'em it's my new invention – a portable teamaker.

  1. Am I correct in seeing two alternative bowls in the presentation pack? And they're slightly more conventional?

    So several weeks before you're 70 plus one, do a printout from his web page, put it in an envelope and hand it to the daughter with two words… Surprise… Me.

    • You are correct.  Not only did the box come with two spare bowls but I have a collection of old bowls from my previous pipe that all fit.

      The set was a once-off and unique.  No further sets available.  I hope it lasts…

  2. The pipe is beautiful, no doubt, despite being relegated to the out of doors. However, since it is as such it seems to me that you are now left with the opportunity of buying yourself a new indoors pipe as a complementary match to the new outdoors one…

    …even if you don't need one.

    As for the article you referenced–wouldn't you know?

    • "As for the article you referenced–wouldn't you know?"

      Certainly goes a long way to explaining all the panic about this particular virus which I don't recall being as bad with all the other ones.  I have to admit, I was wondering why this one had caused such a stir.  Now I know.  Aha!

      • I'm waiting for the day when "research suggests that smoking may lower the risk of contracting Covid-19".  Now that would be worth watching!

    • They know me too well.  Anyway if they arrested me, where would they get their supply from?

  3. That is truly a work of art, a tool with which to contemplate the slings and arrows of outrageous fortune and blow smoke at them!

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