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  1. Your press/MSM in the Isle of Erin seems much the same as ours in Albion: total hyperbole, everything is impending Armageddon, and the Four Horsemen are on their way. 

  2. How to get to the front of a large queue – cough loudly, then when everyone turns to stare, say "This is the worst I've been since I got back from China".

  3. Much the same here across the pond, although having our imbecile president contradict everything the medical experts say adds a bit of  fun.  

  4. I am now scared as I find because of my advanced age I am in the at risk sector of the population. What should I do ? I already went to the supermarket and bought extra toilet rolls, so did my wife so we now have to store the extra toilet rolls under a tarpaulin in the garden. Should we spray the toilet rolls with disenfectant before we use them ? Now we have a new concern;what if our garden floods and the supply of toilet rolls is washed away ? As an aside I made my home-made antiseptic spray from meths and bleach but it has a bad habit of blistering our hands, but at least we are germ free ! 

    • The main thing is to die with a clean arse [and don't forget to change underwear].

      Here in Ireland the main thing is to stock up on loaves of bread.  Each house has a duty to clear out the local supermarket.  We can survive anything so long as we have dozens of loaves.

      The only reliable way to disinfect a house is to burn it to the ground.

  5. I decided that if the Cheltenham National Hunt Festival was cancelled, I would take the thing seriously (and the upside would be that going home from school would not take hours through the traffic caused by tens of thousands of racegoers). The Festival is going ahead, which means that the government is not worried and everyone will have to get out of school as quickly as possible after the afternoon bell.

    • No need to worry.  The Paddy's Day Parade is still going ahead so everything is grand.

  6. There are now 7 different types of coronaviruses, some of which have the same symptoms as the new Corvid 19 including the common cold and the various types of of the flu that pop up every year. In fact, by the research I've done, it seems that Corvid 19 has less symptoms than the others types have and no symptoms at all in some people. Result? Panic all around, thank the media.

    And it's not the actual illness that will do us in either, it's the response to it. Shut down everything they say. All modes of public transportation, stores, schools, theaters, restaurants, cruise ships and–oh yeah–crash the stock market while they’re at it.


    And all because someone caught a cold in Wuhan China and gave it to their neighbors.

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