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  1. Ah, transgender storms. I wonder if they'll make that a new gender…

    Back to reality, my property(s)–same property but split into two, both kitty corner to other so no shared boundary–have a lot as trees like yours. The lower property where the house and outbuildings sit has 1 swamp maple, 1 sugar maple and and one grand silver maple. There's also three white birches with a common trunk, an ancient apple tree and two oriental type somethings. Oh, and two weeping willows. Beautiful to look at in the summer but boy do they leave a mess to clean up. The others drop branches down every year due to high winds and such. Keeps us healthy I suppose what with all that exercise.

    The upper property is mostly woods. We don't bother cleaning that up too much.

    And we have a name for the large-ish broken branches that hang up in the tree:

    Widow Makers.

    • I will be honest – my knowledge of trees is limited and I can only identify a few.  I have several Silver Birches [remaining], a Weeping Birch, the Silver Spruce, a couple of Hollies, a huge Bay, a Yew and a load of others such as various Pines, Cupressus and some others I can't name.  They are all gradually encroaching on any open space which at least means that I have less lawn to cut each year.

  2. "I wonder if I should tell him?"

    Depends entirely on whether he's a Nice Neighbour or a Nasty one …..

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