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    • When I got home, I checked – apparently licences are free for the over 70s.  I suppose when that law was passed they expected us all to be dead by then.

  1. I'd say congratulations on being old but it just doesn't seem the right thing to say for some odd reason.

    Being only 60 myself I'm not quite there yet as far as "senior" is concerned–not that it would really make any difference. I'll still have to pay for all the stuff I have to pay for now with the possible exception of certain discounts at businesses and restaurants that aren't within a 100 miles from me. I'm sure any of the local car dealerships would just love to grant me a senior discount (once I officially become "senior" that is) but that just means they'll jack up the sale price an equal percentage.

    So, no real breaks for being old in the good ol' US of A. You pay until you die and then they'll bill your family for the funeral. And any other debts you might have of course. Therefor…

    …I plan to outlive everyone.

    • I have discovered there are quite a few financial bonuses that come with age.  I get free travel [if I want it], free TV licence, free medical stuff including visits to Doc, reduced electricity [bill, not voltage], free driving licence and discounts in various shops around.  They used to give us free passports but the bastards stopped that.

  2. I just renewed my licence. Stuck a photo on the form that was sent to me, ticked a couple of boxes, told them they could access my passport details to check that I am indeed me, and sent it off. Has to be that way as there are no offices any more, DVLA closed them all to save money!

    • We're not quite so advanced here.  Normally a licence can be renewed online but in my case I had to get a form physically signed and stamped by Doc.  That meant presenting myself in person.  A nice little Portacabin at the arse end of an industrial estate.

  3. Renewed my licence when I hit 70. Had to take a physical and play with a hand-eye coordination machine. Got the new one for three years and had to pay 50 euros. Spain!

    • Here it's just a form to be filled in by the Doc.  It was interesting reading afterward, discovering all the things I don't have. 

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