Mingling with the stars — 5 Comments

  1. We have wonderfully clear winter nights here where I live so I suggest you and your new telescope come by here first and you can gaze at the stars out back for our version of a cold, freezing week. So, when you return to good old Ireland, winter nights out in your backyard will seem almost tropical in comparison?

    Always willing to help a good friend.

    • There is a much easier solution – you nip outside and take a photograph which you can email to me.  I can then print it and look at the print through the telescope.  That should work?

      • Uh, okay. Could you possibly wait until I order me a top of the line SLR digital camera with mega megapixels, proper lenses, and a tripod? I figure I'll need a good long exposure…and I mean for the photograph! (I know how your mind works)

        Please stand by…

  2. Just wait until your good lady has visitors, then burst in shouting "I've just taken a photo of Uranus" and see how quickly her enthusiasm wanes…

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