The Great Flood — 4 Comments

  1. You have my sympathy along with a load of empathy as well as the same thing happened to us. One cat trapped under the bedclothes by another cat waiting for him on the surface. The cat underneath had to piss–so he did. We used a rug shampooer to suck and rinse the piss out of the mattress plus a whole lot of hospital grade disinfectant. Thankfully, that mattress is long gone and both cats have passed on as well. Problem solved.

    Give Herself my best, will you? You too.

    • The strange thing was that it was a virtually odourless pee.  If I didn't know better I would almost have mistaken it for water – and before anyone suggests it – it wasn't a leaking pipe/roof.  I can only assume it was Cat as she was the only source of liquid in the room.

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