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  1. Rain is good.  It makes the weeds grow and everything in the estate look better.  You are still alive and have the company of your "her indoors", so why not celebrate with a few glasses of whiskey by the fire?

    Let the pets lie calmly, enjoying their own dreams, and then drift off to your own pleasant isle of happiness.

    ar mhaithe lena shláinte.

    • My garden is far too fertile even without rain!  A drop of the hard stuff is an excellent idea.  Or maybe more than a drop.

      Go raimh míle maith agat!

  2. Looked at the forecast for Dublin for tomorrow and it looks chilly, but dry. And with the new station wagon you'll have no problems with leaks or flat battery. It's crap on Saturday, so make the most of it.

    Also looked at your 2009 post. Very ******g depressing comments that came years later, notably the one in 2016. Judging from her photo I hope it was a fleeting thing.

    On a far lighter note, here's a video where a fireman kicks a student off a ledge to safety. Kid was there on account someone nicked his ******g phone!!!!

    And by the by, if you want to end your life by launching from a building,  do make sure you're 8 floors up and it's a very hard surface down below. Any less and there's too great a risk you might survive. And do not kill a pedestrian,  nor damage a car;  they serve to cushion your fall – and in both cases what's left of you will be sued

    • Have to go down to the village tomorrow anyway so amybe a bit of a stroll in the woods?

      That post was meant to be black humour [as far as I remember!].  Some of the comments were a bit strange all right. 

      I have no intention of offing myself [at least this week].  Plans are subject to change but I hope to be around for a few decades more…..

    • Have myself a grand chilli for tonight.  Hot enough to give a health freak major indigestion.

  3. Chilli? You will pay for that tomorrow.

    A gill or few of your favourite pain killer is prescribed.

    Sleep well and just be grateful that you do not have a corrugated iron roof.

    Wriggly tin is one of the great unacknowledged advances in civilisation.

    But noisy in rain or hail.

  4. My apologies GD. My final para was not directed at yourself.

    Just the kid in the video whose on the 2nd floor. Had he launched all he'd do is strain an ankle.

  5. If going to the pub and getting pissed produces a hangover on the next day, you apply the logic of "A hair of the dog" and return to said hostelry for another session.

    Repeat as required (or until bankrupt or divorced).

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