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  1. "threatening, abusive or insulting words or behaviour” are contrary to public policy and prohibited under Irish law."

    This bit of the article caught my attention.  Is there no freedom of speech?  If I find something offensive then it is against the law?  Freedom of speech doesn't mean freedom for my ideas and thoughts and not yours!  This is some fucked up laws.
    Freedom of speech means freedom of speech for one and all.  If you don't like what you read, then read something else.  If you don't like what a speaker has to say don't go listen to him speak or better yet get your own soapbox and give your own speech.  It is NOT the gubmints place to say what speech is acceptable!

    • It's just like the blasphemy laws – impossible to quantify precisely.  It is wide open to interpretation as it is impossible to define.  As you say – anyone can be insulted or offended by just about anything.

      Freedom of speech is gradually being eroded mainly by the snowflake generation.  The existing laws on libel, slander or incitement to violence are more than sufficient.  Even then, the "incitement to violence" is wide open to interpretation.

  2. In the UK 30+ years ago, we had the nonsense of certain IRA leaders having their voices banned from any broadcasts – in response, the broadcasters merely used Irish-sounding voice-over actors to lip-synch whatever Adams/McGuinness etc. were saying.   That ridiculous farce merely served to emphasise their words, rather than allowing the listeners to evaluate what they were saying.

    We have now moved even beyond that, to the point where we are prevented from hearing even the words that some designated people may want to say, for fear that it may align with what we think.   Thus we are being conditioned to cleanse our own thoughts of anything which doesn't fit the current zeitgeist.   Orwell was right, if only a few decades earlier than the actuality.   Thank heaven for the Internet, where freedom of thought and speech still exist . . . . . for now.  Protect it with vigour because they establishment wants to take that away from us too.

    • The problem with any limits to free speech is that those limits will inevitably change.  That's already very evident in the PC movement where more and more subjects are becoming taboo.

      What is now also evident is that free thought is under attack.  I doubt that Anderson ever actually killed someone [I'm open to correction] so it's his belief that's under attack. 

      Thou shalt not think dark thoughts…..

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