Just pinging in the rain — 9 Comments

    • Or….. not so Simples ?

      "…I assume that it just takes a couple of large raindrops to reflect the infra-red which of course triggers the floodlights. Each following raindrop is now floodlit so there is now constant motion in the front garden [so far as the camera is concerned]…"

      A rain shield will not help if the reflection from the rain drops "triggers the floodlights" not raindrops hitting the camera lens.

      • The shield would have to be a few feet deep.  An existing shield keeps the lens dry but that's all. 

        Last night it went off repeatedly – a fucking spider built a web and was very active!

  1. Why something doesn’t work and then suddenly works for no apparent reason is beyond me.

    On the same note; Why does my downstairs toilet not flush and then suddenly flushes for no apparent reason? I think it's it's universal no matter what it is.

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