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  1. " How soon before they start demanding taxes on meat?"

    Are you serious??? Here (Germoney) they already are, together with a tax on CO2.

    We're living in interesting times.

  2. The "discussing" of a tax on meat and CO2 is combined with our "energy turnaround": shutting down coal and nuclear plants as soon as possible, use only renewables. Which are supposed to be "CO2-free", so they'll then have to think about which other fantasy "tax" they're going to install as CO2-tax won't yield enough any more. Clear thinking, no?

    Activists are cutting down trees to stop a coal company clearing the wood to get to more coal. Seriously. So they cut down the trees to build tree houses for their occupation of the wood. Clear thinking, no? (sorry, only in German but nice pics ;-))

    Activists also tried to stop the running of a coal plant. They're all for getting rid of coal and nuclear plants – we're already regularly importing electricity from neighbouring countries on a daily basis when (not if) our beautiful "renewables" can't deliver enough because that stupid sun refuses to shine and the stupid wind refuses to blow. Doesn't matter that the imported electricity stems from nuclear and coal plants of neighbouring countries. Also doesn't matter that price goes down as soon as we have too much and have to export and price goes up as soon as we have to import, so no matter what: we're paying. Clear thinking, no?

    • It would appear that the activists don't appreciate irony!  They really do live in some kind of surreal fantasy world.  By my way of thinking there are only two sources of power that would be guaranteed, whatever the weather – tidal power [great for land-locked countries?] or deep heat pumps to extract heat from the Earth's core.  Every other "alternative" energy source [wind, sunlight, waves] is unreliable at the best of times.

      Of course there is always Nuclear Fusion, but they would object to that on the grounds that the word "Nuclear" would have bad connotations.

  3. On 30 September Three Mile Island will close for good.  Unit 2 closed down in 1979.  No choice on that one but Unit 1 has been producing electricity all along.  Now they can't sell their electricity cheap enough to be competitive.  The free market has taken care of TMI. 

    I'm always getting adverts in the mail to have me switch my electricity generation to some kind of GREEN or renewable generation.  I compare their prices to the charge Pennsylvania Power and Light charges me and they're not even close to being competitive on price.  I pay $0.071 per kilowatt hour and the closest any GREEN generator has offered is $0.097.  The free market has chosen Coal and Natural Gas.


    • As usual you go to prove that Ireland is one of the world's most expensive countries.  I had to look up the current price … [pause for laughter to subside]. It's around $0.19 per kilowatt hour.  Luckily I get a massive discount nearing 50% so it's not too bad.  God help businesses though!

      • " I pay $0.071 per kilowatt hour and the closest any GREEN generator has offered is $0.097. "

        " It's around $0.19 per kilowatt hour. "

        Ha! I wish! Germoney: on average around 0.29 € per kWh. My provider: 0.23 € – but that's without the basic charge.

        • What's wrong here? Except for the first word, my comment vanished for the second time – Grandad, help!

            • Okay, I won't.

              I'll try again then – without the citations I copied and pasted before …

              Germoney: average price per kWh 0.29 €. I pay 0.23 € – but that's without the basic charge. And it won't become any better in the next years, I'm absolutely sure of that if of not much else.

      • The per kilowatt hour numbers I gave you are for the generation charge.  What I pay to have them make the electricity.  There is also a Transmission charge and this is what I pay PP&L because they put up the infrastructure, the wires and power lines.  This charge is $0.03 per kilowatt hour.  So that makes my bill being my usage times about $0.10 per KhW hour.

        • The bill I have is rather vague as to specific charges.  I pay around $0.19 per unit on standard rate [€0.1739] and €0.0916 for off peak [which I never use].  Add to that a standing charge of €0.435 per day.  Then there is the PSO levy of €6.96 [to subsidise fucking "green" energy!].  To all that, add 13.5% VAT.

          However I get a small percentage reduction for paying by direct debit and a large allowance of around 50% because of my circumstances.  It's all bloody complicated.

          The final tally is that I pay around €1 a day which isn’t too bad.

  4. Nuclear as a word did for Nuclear Magnetic Resonance Imaging. This is of course referring to the nucleus of an atom.  So we have Magnetic Resonance Imaging instead.  So much for 13 years or more of education. Obviously wasted.  When I consider food/diet etc I think about my teeth and gut. Teeth for shearing and grinding is the dentition of an omnivore and medium sized gut is that of an omnivore. If I could extract nutrition purely from plants I would need an internal fermenter. If just from animal meat I would need a much more acidic stomach and much shorter gut. Nope, physiology tells me that meat and two or more veg is what I need to eat.  I somehow think these food Nazis will not give up their bacon sandwich or equivalent. To hell with them. Just refer to Conan the barbarian to see what's best in life.

    • Incisors for cutting, Canines for ripping and Molars for crushing.  Very much the equipment for an omnivore.  I like cutting, ripping and crushing!

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