On being alarmed — 3 Comments

  1. I still say you need to go all out and put cameras eveywhere and motion sensors.  You may well capyure Malone trying to kill Penny in the middle of the night.  Maybe the two of them party all night while you're asleep.  The pets are rockin' all night.  That's why you're not sleeping well.

    • Good heavens, no. Take it from someone who had to install 8 wifi capable, motion activated security cameras due to one nasty neighbor and family (that I can't take care of the quick way lest I go to prison). GD's phone would be pinging 24 hours a day due to bugs alone never mind rain, sleet, snow, wind…

      • One camera is more than enough.  It's not sensitive enough to detect traffic beyond the gate nor the animals wandering around, so apart from the damned moths, it's fine.  Though I had to trim  few branches that could sway in the wind!

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