From darkness into light — 9 Comments

  1. You should move here, the sun sets on 21st nov and doesn't rise again until 21.01.

  2. Wow. A brilliant bit of applied psychology by her indoors.

    But. That has awakened again a dark dread. Three really great blokes I've known or worked with have been avid whisky or whiskey lovers and have died of throat cancer. One guy boasted of having 80 different brands in his cubby hole under the stairs known as the den. He was 44-had two kids.

    Co-incidence? Chance? Bad luck ?  – or does someone up there have it in for us all one way or another. Especially people who enjoy things.

    That's put me off my red wine and I'm only on my third glass.

    Someone said cheer up it could be worse so I cheered up and it was worse.

    • A combination of all of the above.  Personally, I just play the cards as they are dealt.  If I am dealt a bad hand then that's the way things go….

  3. Glad you found a solution. I used to do it with scotch until I grew  senile older and less mentally competent. At that point I get my relaxation from my hallucinations mental fantasies.

    • Scotch?  IRISH!  Postpones senility and prevents hallucinations [unless you drink more than a couple of pints a night…]

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