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  1. Thanks, Grandad, for thinking of and including the ones who prefer alternatives to the cigarette – I believe it's really important that smokers and users of other nicotine products fight together instead of letting themselves be "divided and conquered" by the usual good old Tobacco Control tactics.

    Combatant Users of Nicotine against Tobacco control Scum?

    That would be quite a big database if it's supposed to list all debunked junk science … but I like the idea. Very much. I’m afraid though, it could turn into a full-time job, the way Tobacco Control churns out the junk …

    STOP was founded by the Bloomberg Foundation in reaction to the Foundation for a Smoke Free World with PMI (Philip Morris International) money, if I rember right, directly after Derek Yach (formerly with WHO, one of the "architects" of the Framework Convention on Tobacco Control, now CEO of the Foundation for a Smoke Free World) was excluded from one of WHO big do's on Tobacco Control.

  2. Maybe you overlooked this site, Sir. Or perhaps forgot about it.

    Rather than devote time starting from scratch, why not contribute to it?

    The whole thing's driven by unpaid volunteers. 

    • Of course I hadn't forgotten about it.  At least I have the distinction of getting a mention which is more than I ever got in the original.  That was supreme disappointment that hurt me to the core.

  3. That site looks more like a modern day version of a late '90's conspiracy site than anything else. I won't venture into the acronym part of it. Too many good suggestions already.

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