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    • Sweet fuck! 

      She was born a female with female organs.  This enabled her to give birth.  Adding bits or subtracting bits is just plain surgery.  As the saying goes- "you can put lipstick on a pig……"

  1. Regarding the postman , we have become “Delivery Officers”;. Although we all refer to ourselves as postmen, regardless of gender. As do most right thinking people, as we all know.

  2. Here in the UK, there are moves afoot to change the offensive names of some of our towns and cities. Manchester has been under threat for some time, but now the target has moved to Penistone and Scunthorpe, and no-one knows what to do about Cockermouth!

  3. Berkley was always the snowflake capital of the world even before there was such a thing as a snowflake.

    And it’s either postal worker (for those who work in the Post Office) or mail carrier (for those who deliver mail). And since all our “mail carriers” are female (apparently) then folks damn well better be sure of the spelling of “mail”.

    • It's no accident that the term 'berk' is often used to apply to a stupid person – it seems even more appropriate when you note its origins being from rhyming slang for the 'Berkeley Hunt'. . . . .

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