Sex by moonlight — 15 Comments

  1. I’m not sure what I’ve just read. I’m sure it’s something to do with frogs mating season, but the images now in my head (that I’m sure I can’t unsee) tell a different story. Thanks grandad, that’s my dinner ruined

    • Perfectly innocent stuff?  I don’t know why it should ruin your dinner.  Unless you were to tuck into some frogs legs?

  2. It’s a sign of desperation when you have to resort to ‘click-bail’ blog titles to drag in the readers – but it worked for me (and the frogs too, apparently).

    • I don’t need [or want] to “drag in” visitors.  They apparently come of their own accord, but I frequently wonder why.

      My problem with titles is that I have to keep thinking up new ones that I haven’t used before.

  3. “Click bait blog titles” I did one years ago called, ‘Sabrinas Nipples’. It’s my all time highest clicked post, with over 20k clicks and counting

  4. I will have to ensure my pond id ready for the usual suspects. They always turn up. Frogs they are. The toad under the garden shed is a bit shy.

    • For some strange reason they frequently choose Valentine’s Day.  Last year though they were early and this year they were late [but only by a few days each way].  I suppose someone will tell me that I can predict whether we have weather this summer?

  5. I miss having a pond in the backyard. We would get bullfrogs but certainly not in February. Usually April. 

  6. Yes, time for hot frog-on-frog action.  I’d bet that the unholy racket is just to nail home the point that they’re getting it and I’m not – little amphibian bastards…

  7. Right up to the last line I was wondering how my invitation had happened to get lost in the post. 🙁

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