Kate Middleton–a topless photo — 14 Comments

  1. “For those of a nervous, pure or feminist nature,” 
    Yes, that be me. 

    And to think I thought there were standards around here!!
    You have made me feel totally objectified GD. 

    I hearby declare you another mysoginist.  (spelt ok?)

  2. JOSman – Many thanks.  Keep voting. 

    Cat – No doubt I shall have the weight of the British tabloid press on my neck, but it’s a small price to pay.

    Anne – You cannot say you weren’t warned.  “mysoginist (spelt ok?)” Not really.  As far as I can make out everyone misspells that word as “mysoginist”.  The correct spelling is “misogynist”  An easy mistake to make.  Especially if you are a woman.  😀

  3. Editor of The Kerryman newspaper on the phone to papparazi: “Here, I’m looking for Kate Middleton’s boobs, can u help me?” ….. (pause) …………  “ah no, sure I have the pictures in front of me!”  😉

  4. –oOo–   I like it. 
    I voted and reminded my friends.
    Yipes on the photo of Kate topless. Disgusting trash, I’m surprised at you posting such immoral things on your Interweb.

  5. Ah! Just realized if you turn off the wi fi on your cell phone you can sneak another vote in if your phone does the Interweb!

  6. Just one mobile GD….. which is dying a slow painful death and I am NOT about to make the company any richer….  now I just wanted to show you this note I got from my friend… she writes to me..

    ” Marianne,
    I voted for him – it’s a good blog. Made me cry.
    BTW, I looked at a couple of others, esp the ones at the top, and they mention that their blog is in the running and tell people how to vote for it at the top of the blog. You might want to suggest that to your friend – maybe he can get more votes?”

  7. Very fucking funny GD……Thing is though, The Irish Star Editor Mick O’Kane, defended his decision to publish the pictured with the backing of former editor Ger Colleran, who spouted about freedom of the press and all that shite.
    It might be an honourable thing (freedom of the press at free expression) guarenteed by our constitution.
    It should not be something to be abused to make money at someone elses expense.

    While some will bash on about this freedom of expression as a God given right, they stupidly forget the point that with that freedom and right comes responsibility. A responsibility to the reader, the subjects of pictures and stories and a responsibility to be fair and balanced in the reporting of News, Sports and Features.

    I would liken the use of the offensive pictures to the American Internet anti Muslim movie which insulted the Islamic Prophet. Pictures which insulted The Royal family whom The British People hold dear. A movie defaming The Muslim Prophet who is held dearly by all believers.
    Thankfully The Brits are’nt kicking off about it.       

  8. Marianne – At the risk of being accused of pimping myself and lowering my [already low] standards, I have taken your advice.  You shall, of course get all the blame.  Thanks.

    Slab – No harm in a bit of levity occasionally?  Also it has done wonders for my traffic – you should see the number of saddos Googling for a glimpse of boob!  I couldn’t agree more about freedom of speech/responsibility.  Some editors have made a lousy judgement call here.  Personally, I couldn’t give a shite about Yer Wan’s boobs.  Once you’ve seen two, etc etc.

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