Spring clean — 9 Comments

  1. Hope I’m not teaching how to suck eggs, but some modern freezers won’t work in the cold so it’s worth checking b4 you move one into the garage.

    • For the technically minded, that issue usually only occurs if it’s a combined fridge-freezer and it only has one thermostat shared between the two functions.  The thermostat thinks it’s cold enough not to chill the fridge part but, in so doing, it forgets that the freezer part needs to be a lot colder, hence the problem.   Tends mostly to apply on the cheaper models.

  2. Had a similar nightmare a few years back, had another garage built – it’s also full now and I have no sensible area for a third.

  3. Sounds like us. Especially since my wife retired and all the products leftover from the store went into one room in the house. The garage is stuffed full as it can be and still allow for 2 cars and the workshop/tool shed is also stuffed full, floor to rafters. If we had any more stuff we’d have to move back into a bigger house.

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