The last White Rhino — 12 Comments

  1. Looking at the size of its neck, he more likely identifies as a fat fucker.
    And who is wearing the German helmet behind it?

  2. Now that looks like a very healthy white rhino to me. As far as self identification goes, I like to identify myself as a healthy and viral virile young man. Then I get up in the morning and the aches, pains and the mirror strongly suggest otherwise.

    • If a man can claim to be a female, despite the presence of dangly bits then there is no reason to suppose you are not virile.  Appearance counts for nothing these days.

  3. I went into my bank and said I now identify as an eccentric multi-millionnaire: bastards didn’t go along with it. I wonder if I can sue them.

    • I wouldn’t be the least surprised. Especially these days. You could claim severe emotional upset and disillusionment (and let’s not forget the resulting depression) because their harsh and callus attitude towards your identification-id. A clear case of Identificism if you ask me.

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