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  1. That kept yiz all out of mischief for a while?

    If you click on the left picture and then hit the plus in the middle of the screen, that will load the original in all its glory.  Then start scrolling in to keep enlarging it and you’ll then see the errant bird that caused so much trouble.  It’s almost in the centre of the original, just above the clouds on the horizon.

    Personally, if it had bothered me [and it didn’t as my screen isn’t ten feet wide] I would just have photoshopped it out myself.  Some people are picky?

    • Assuming you’re related to the other Captain Kirk, all I can say is; “I’m giving you all she’s got, Captain: she cannae take any more”.

      • Heh, don’t forget that that the …”ships gonnae break apart…”. Otherwise, no relation but I did spend some time tooling around under the ocean on a nuclear powered fast attack submarine during the cold war. With the exception of taking the reactor to 115%, the rest of the command is pretty accurate.

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