New beginnings — 7 Comments

  1. I like the looks of the new project. Simple and effective, the way it should be. Boot sector frying itself is definitely an odd one. And the wireless problem–the laptop’s wireless hardware wasn’t Broadcom was it?

    • Content over style. 

      It’s a Realtek.  I found instructions to install the drivers so it now works but only just.  It’s about six feet from the router at the moment and rates the signal strength at around 50%.

      • Ah yes. I now recall that certain Realtek chipsets have problems. Luckily, the one in my old ThinkPad T430 isn’t one of them. By the way, if you haven’t tried installing “Wavemon” (in Mint that is) try it out. It’s a simple command line tool that tells you all sorts of wonderful things about the wireless signal your laptop is connected to. It’s in the repositories. Once installed just type”wavemon” in the terminal and enjoy all the things you really didn’t want to know.

  2. A stunning elegant site if I may say so. Andi  beat me in the race to refer Leg Iron to you for your expertise in the construction of a web site.  (unless ,of course, we were in fact too late anyway)
    Just curious but why no mention of Curratech on the new web site?  If it were me by god there would be monstrous  biblical trumpet blowing. Long may you and Leg Iron be on my daily visit list.

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