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  1. Our cat is a stray kitten that attached itself to us, usually prowling in the back garden when we first saw him. During a cold winter 2 years back he was a bag of skin and bones and we took pity on him, took him in and now he thinks we are his pets, as cats do.  We call him ‘cat’ my granddaughter named him boo boo, he answers to puss, cat and sometimes boo boo. Except his is scared to hell by our granddaughters. He is normally passive, yet the sight of the granddaughters he skedaddles for hours on end, only re-appearing when they are safely back home. We think he must have come from somewhere that he was abused by children as he has such hatred of them, to the extent if I see him in the garden and pick him up to show the children he hisses and has even scratched me on one occasion !

    • It is an interesting [if futile] exercise trying to work out an animal’s “previous life”.  We have worked out that our Penny was much loved but that the owner died, probably of an illness.  She is very attached to us and gets nervous if one or both of us is absent.  She also worries if we sleep too long, and possibly wonders if we are dead!  She loves visitors, be they adults, children or dogs and goes wild with affection but very quickly tired of them and retreats to a quiet corner.  She’s very like us in that respect.

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