For the sins of the few — 6 Comments

  1. I was on a plane a couple of weeks ago when it was announced that, because one passenger had reported having a ‘nut allergy’, they would not be serving any nuts during the flight and, moreover, no other passengers (200+ of them) should consume any nuts which they had brought with them.   I shall be writing to the airline concerned on my return.

    Talk about ‘keeping all the class in detention’ just because one person has a fantasy allergy (which most ‘nut allergies’ are, fantasies – they’re just look-at-me attention seekers).

  2. Funny how they never mention the curious rise in adult obesity that just so happens to coincide almost exactly with the number of people giving up (or not starting) smoking, isn’t it? Perhaps it’s because it raises all sorts of awkward questions about the hallowed anti-smoking movement effectively causing the obesity epidemic by coercing so many people into giving up the cigs. Similarly, the rise in childhood obesity at approximately the same time and at approximately the same rate raises even more awkward questions about the possibility that maybe a bit of “passive” might even have had the same effect on children’s weight as “active” smoking had on their parents’ and grandparents’ waistlines. So, of course, it’s just quietly not mentioned ….

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