Google in major breach of privacy — 16 Comments

  1. The ‘ignition trick’ works best with gas, rather than BBQ lighter-fluid – the butane gas generates a rapid expansion (i.e. explosion) which seats the tyre-bead on the rim (lighter-fluid burns rather than explodes).

    An alternative is to strap a very tight belt around the circumference of the tyre, which presses the tyre-bead into the wheel, then inflating with an air-line – this is aided by liquid-soap liberally blathered around the bead/rim contact area, it helps the seal to become airtight more quickly and aids the tyre-bead slipping into position against the wheel.

    OK, so I’m a tyre-anorak – years of struggling to re-seat tyres in inconvenient locations had to have some value.

    • lighter-fluid burns rather than explodes”  Yup – discovered that.  Also the fluid was French which explains a lot too.

      The belt trick is fine if I can find something strong enough with some kind of tightening mechanism.  A rope does work but I really need something like an oil-filter chain.

      Another alternative is to buy inner tubes!

      • The motor-trade used to have an inflatable belt-device for that purpose, but I never saw one small enough for a mower-tyre.  Tie-down ratchet-straps can be an effective alternative.
        One other trick is to bounce the wheel & tyre vigorously on the ground, all around its circumference – that can help the bead to get enough of a starter-seal in order to take some initial inflation pressure.

  2. Forget Google, I think you should contact David Attenborough. You have I believe discovered a first sighting of the long lost Palaeeudyptinae.

    • Hold on now!  I think I would have noticed if there was a seven foot very fat penguin lying on my lawn?  [I’ll have another look, just in case….]

  3. You were lucky you were wearing your tee shirt – the Google cams have caught some people with nothing on!

    • I doubt if the resolution was good enough to cause any concern?  Now Street View is a different matter [and my hedges are tall enough to block that].

  4. LOL! That’s beautiful!

    I’ve had the good fortune of living between several abandoned properties over the years in my little row home. Why was that good fortune? Heh, Google Earth and the CIA and the FBI and the NOA (Nasty Ol’ Antismokers) looked down and saw nothing but the overhanging tree cover!

    – MJM, who’ll now readjust his tinfoil hat…

    P.S. Good seein’ ya again Rambles! Been a while… somehow I lost this link a bit ago in my morass! I’m spending too much time banging away over on Quora lately! Keep on fightin’ guy! :>

    • Welcome back Michael!  The only thing of interest about looking at my garden from orbit is in comparing different photographs from different times.  It’s scary how fast my trees are growing

  5. Before you sue them for millions you might take it into account that the Google Earth image was dated 6/28/18. Unless you managed to send yourself back to the recent past when the grass was a bit easier to mow? I mean, you managed a miracle with your service provider why not a bit of time travel as well? Minor stuff in comparison.

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