Loss of face for vapers — 5 Comments

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  2. This is particularly prevalent in the civil service.
    Excessive use of Vicks vapour steam inhalers has resulted in a horde of faceless beaurocrats.

  3. I interestedly read until “… the authors use an animal model …”
    Ok. Here we go again. Animal, model. Wow. Real life relevancy. If I find the time I’ll consider myself impressed.

    • Flay a bunch of rats, sew their skins back on again and then force them to inhale what’s probably a year’s worth of vapour before ripping their skins off again.  Who’d be a rat in this day and age?

      • You’d be a good scientist for TobCon, I see 😉
        Let’s change “think of the chiiiildren™” then to “think of the roooodents™”.

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