Smokescreens — 9 Comments

    • That is something I would love to have.  A family of them used to visit every evening but it’s a few years since I have seen any.

  1. “Try pumping air in when they are flat and it just comes out again around the rim.” 

    If you were from Upper Nosebleed Norfolk you’d have known the answer to that one. …y’all have a nice day now.

      • Or you could just tighten a ratchet tie-down around the tread faces to push the sides outwards and give you a start, alternately fit tubes. Personally, having a number of hawthorn hedges around the perimiter of the garden, my ire is directed at the blithering idiots who decided that pneumatic tyres and ride-on mowers were a viable design combination.

  2. Glad you shut the engine off the second time as writing up these various experiences here would be much harder after losing a head.

    And I must read this one to The Wife. She’ll appreciate it I’m sure.

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