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  1. German TV puts out a new Thriller every Sunday evening…by law I think.I was watching the latest one last night and was, yet again, surprised by how ‘relaxed’ it was about smoking….even IN a Bavarian police station (and the Bavarians are at the forefront of smoking verbots). Compare that with an English thriller….has anyone smoked in Midsommer since before it went all multi-culti? Not, mind, that anyone ever had chance to die of lung cancer or another ‘smoking related’ disease in Midsommershire. We, the Brits, don’t need to legalize euthanasia …just ship the OAPS off to Causton.

    Anyways I read CS’s piece yesterday and am still trying to get my head around the level of fuckwittery required to designate the sight of a ‘No Smoking Sign’ as a risk to the CHEEELDREN.

    • The level of insanity in CS’s piece has to be seen to be believed.  It is almost a self parody.  Can you imagine the scenario –

      This programme has been banned due to a mention of smoking – i.e. a No Smoking sign is visible.

      Aw shit!

      The notice announcing the banning of a programme has been banned due to the word Smoking.


      The notice about announcing the banning of a programme……..  I give up.

      • Read it too and couldn’t believe it.

        “I guess it beats working for a living.” I guess so too.

        And yes, BD, I’m also always amazed that there is still smoking to be seen in the Sunday “Tatort”.

        • And yes, BD, I’m also always amazed that there is still smoking to be seen in the Sunday “Tatort”.

          This time it was a Polizeiruf110 …with that rather good von Meuffels guy, as it happens but yes the same is true for Tatort et al. Obviously the Bundestag still fails to take this LETHAL DANGER to our Kinder seriously!

  2. I suspect that the film ‘Lucky’ may have enjoyed a bit of quiet product-placement bonus from ‘Lucky Strike’, the big US cig-brand – the line about “his usual three packs” is obviously an unsubtle volume-purchase suggestion.The sequel may be titled ‘Vapey’.

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