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    • Thanks for that Rhonda!  It’s one of those sites where you have to join so when I get a chance I’ll sign up with a disposable email address.  😉

  1. My Goodness!  The hell with all that horseshit propaganda.  Go buy a Tops T2  rolling machine and a pound of tobacco and 4 cartons of tubes and roll your own.  The tobacco I buy is a mix of Virginia and North Carolina tobacco and costs $21.00 a lb. The tubes I use are Gambler Tube-Cut tubes and they cost $2.25 per carton (200 tubes).  The tobacco use to cost $9.99 a lb. but then our scumbag Governor doubled the tax on RYO tobacco.I buy 2 lbs. of tobacco and 6 cartons of tubes and I’m good for a month plus and it costs about $60.00.  Here in Pa. a carton of commercial cigarettes costs more than $80.00USD.This morning I rolled 5 packs of smokes in about an hour and I was taking my time doing it.

    • Unfortunately us pipe smokers are rarely catered for.  Man With A Van isn’t interested and bulk buying of tobacco is frowned upon.  Maybe I’ll try some leaves from the garden to see if I can find a substitute?

  2. What amuses me is that the ‘health’ warnings in Gaelic are the most prominent. One assumes that life in the gaeltacht  is so depressing that even the children with tonsillitis have to smoke ? Or perhaps its a canny move on the part of whichever EU funded ‘make Gaelic sexy again’ lobby group  to entice Anglophone Irish into learning a second language ? 

    • It’s that fucking law that states that anything that is published has to be in both languages.  It costs the country [i.e. more tax] a fortune.  I doubt that there’s a single sinner in the land who can only read Irish.

  3. Couldn’t get over how apt it was that James Reilly was labelled as a ‘Cancerous Growth’ on the packet in the last photo .

  4. The kiddy pic has been nicked , i am sure, from the  Ladybird book “My First Bong”.

    The Ladybird hit title of all our nursery reading ‘Shopping With Mother’ is now apparently “Stoned With Mother”-look at the boy’s eyes…..

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