Exposing my hole — 15 Comments

    • I shall name it The 19th.  However if a golf ball goes into it, it stays down there as there’s no way of retrieving it.

  1. Looks suspiciously like rats, which is the same thing as Tobacco Control if you think about it.

  2. Toads like holes this size. (Real toads not sausages, they prefer yorkshire pudding to hide in.) The depth means they stay cool in summer and moist and slightly bigger at the deep end just for comfort. Seen one in the same size/dimensions at the local stately pile. Perhaps its an aristocracy thing toads do.Is there something you aren’t telling us?

  3. I’m worried about your pipe. It looked suspiciously like something involved in a night I spent with some medical students in the 70’s. I have struggled to forget it ever since. Mind you, it gave me some valuable insight into the medical profession. Nowadays I put myself in their clutches as little as possible. As for the hole, if you were to pump novichok into it, I bet you would kill a lot of badgers. Unless it was a meteorite?   

    • A lot of people worry about my pipe and quite a few strangers in the coffee shop have commented on it [and were somewhat disappointed that I was merely smoking baccy.

      That pipe is one of Elie’s specials.  Designed by himself and hand made it has a lovely heat-sink and filtration system so it gives a lovely clean, cool, dry smoke.  I have bought a few pipes off him and frankly wouldn’t buy them anywhere else.

  4. Correct me if I am wrong [which I never am] then wouldn’t either a toad or a rat left some detritus around the hole?  Unless of course they secreted the soil in their trousers and deposited it around the garden?

    The cat found it this afternoon [which would imply that it’s fairly new – she misses nothing].  She stuck her nose down, then poked a paw in as far as it would go and then lost interest.

    Anyhow I’ll try blowing some pipe smoke into it to kill all the Tobacco Controllers stone dead.  One slightest whiff will do it.

  5. We have had some very similar ones in the garden, they appear overnight. We were told foxes or badgers were the most likely suspects.

  6. I’m pretty sure that’s rats.  I have these in my garden and I know that Rat City is underneath.  It doesn’t bother me and in the 20 years I’ve been here I’ve only ever seen 2 live rats.  Next door, which gets the holes, too, is at permanent war with Rat City and gets the rat-man in every year to lay poison traps. This results in a few corpses and then life continues as usual.  You cannot win against rats.

  7. Rats toads, badgers, leprechauns, foxes?  Any one of them would have left at least a little soil around the pit as they dug it?  The hole looks more like it was dug by something underneath and heading for the surface.  Or else a walking stick poking it?  But then I don’t use a walking stick and it wouldn’t be two inches in diameter if I did.

    • Aah could be a ‘late arrival’ toad or maybe a young mole who hasn’t got the mole hilling knack just yet. Not rats. Rats are way too clever to wander around in a field digging a hole on spec and getting bored in full view of every flying/walking thing that eats them.

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