In the heat of the night — 9 Comments

  1. Get a cat flap – it will stop you worrying about her and where she is. Keep the doors and windows closed to exclude flies, get instant death fly spray and be liberal with it. Buy some quick breakfast items in a can and use a microwave. There, everything sorted. Don’t know what you have to worry about.

    • Cat flap: Nowhere to put one as all relevant doors are glass.  Anyway they cost money and I couldn’t give a shit if the cat stays out all week.

      Closed doors:  Do you want me to bake?

      Fly spray:  Have some.  It makes my eyes water but the flies are apparently immune.

      Breakfast:  A slice of toast.  Can’t get simpler than that?

  2. Try Vicks Vapour Rub on your ear lobes, wrists and back of the neck. Apparently flies, like mozzies (no, that’s mozzies and not muzzies) hate the smell of the stuff and stay away. On second thoughts, I wonder if it does work on muzzies? Worth a try I suppose.

  3. I have a pathological hatred of flies, if there is one in a room I can’t eat or drink. Which is why the flat is hermetically sealed all summer: NO flies ever …we just give up on being able to breathe for 3 months or so a year….oxygen is overrated anyways .

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