An essay on my hole — 10 Comments

  1. solitary bees or wasps they burrow into mortar in my experience of the same things on brick walls…the ones in the wall…the grass looks like a rabbit's doings to me…

    • Ah!  I hadn't thought of flying stingers.  However, remember this is an interior wall in the kitchen, and there has been no sign of dust or debris under them.  Also I apart from the odd bee that Penny chased during the summer we have been remarkably buzzer free.

      My first thought about the garden one was that it was a rabbit.  But it was a little on the small side, so unless it was a toddler?

      • kitchen door or window open…grandad snoozing in the manor grounds with penny at his feet…herself slaving away somewhere else within the manor in flies the little bee and carefully burrows out the soft dry mortar and carries it away to throw predators off the 'scent'…  again if memory serves and I'm too lay to google…

  2. how very odd, not the outside, i thought that may be a mole, weasel or some such but inside? in rock? you'll have to let us know if you ever solve it

  3. I have some similar holes in the garden, don't know what made them but possibly moles abd the soil 'hill' washed away, last year one became a very active wasp's nest which wasn't very pleasant. I have to admit I don't know what drills through rock.

    • The hole in the garden is around the size I would expect from a mole, but there was only a scattering of soil, and I have never seen or heard of any moles around this neck of the woods.

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