Farewell friend — 11 Comments

  1. Sad.Isn’t it strange how we not meet people in person but still somehow feel a connection – and feel sad if it is broken?

    • Agreed, maybe it’s just for people who have touched us through their music, or made us laugh, or acted as a role model (Princess Di), or written things we can empathise with.

      The Blogger Community is in some ways a lot like an extended network of buddies, even acquaintances because the relationship can evolve beyond the blog, to emails, phone calls or even meetings.

      For the most part however it’s just a respect that can only be earned, for their writing. In Nisakiman’s case both as commentator and blogger.

      He had one heck of a life that he shared in part with us on his blog. And he invariably took the time to reply to most commentators. He was appreciative of that support.

      Perhaps the most surprising thing has been the way his kids, all grown up with lives of their own, two travelling from Aus. And his two daughters were with him at the end. So he was one heck of a father as well.

      I’ll write to Aimee later.

  2. Having watched what Anna Raccoon (and Mr G by definition) went through , perhaps Kevin got the better deal. Enough time to say goodbye, to do what was important but not years of ‘care’ slowly losing all dignity.  I shall miss him and his writings ( I think I have one of those real,actual , ‘letter’ thingys from him somewhere.) 

  3. Frank’s comment bears repeating: “I can’t help but think he’d still be alive today, if he’d just stayed at home in Greece, tinkering in his workshop, not feeling too well, and continuing to ignore his wife’s pleas to see a doctor.”  

  4. Oh no! That’s really sad news, I saw his comments around lots of blogs. Didn’t always agree, but he was always a level-headed commenter. 

  5. I’m so sad to hear this. I really enjoyed his comments here as well as his writings on his site. I wasn’t much of a commentor but I shall miss him  

  6. Sad news indeed,first had contact with Nisakiman when he was setting up his new workshop, and yea, maybe staying at his workshop and tinkering would have been better, but, we do what we, or those around us, think best I guess. 

  7. Like Grandad, I only met Kevin online and really appreciated his insights – RIP

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