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  1. I was broadly in favour of this new Privacy thing from Brussels however for the last week or so, every single bloody  firm i have ever dealt with online since first ‘discovering’ the internet in 1999 or so has spammed my inbox with ‘update to our privacy policy’. On the upside I have found several lost and fossilized email accounts I didn’t know were still ‘live’.  What however is really pissing me off is various government agencies and contractors are using this new law to circumvent answering emails.  

    • I’m broadly in favour of it too.  I would love to lay my hands on the cunts who added my email address to the database that spammers use.

      In general though it doesn’t affect me.  They are more than welcome to mine my Farcebook, Twitter and Google accounts as most of the information there is either false or else is openly available here.  Come to think of it, there is more information about me here than anywhere else on the Interwebs.

      I’m really pissed off with those incessant mails though.  I’m thinking of adding “GDPR” to my spam filters, though they should tail off after the 25th.



  2. I only have one commenter on my blog, perhaps it would be easier for him just to have his own page than have all that stuffI am enjoying the GDPR stuff, reading emails from all the leaches who are pleading to be kept on the list before consigning their mail to oblivion

  3. Labels on underpants? My wife, RIP, always bought her pants at C&A – she said the label was helpful to make sure they were not back to front. I’ll get me coat

  4. I don’t know. An extra check box on the comment form (though it might come in handy when I get senile enough to forget my own name?), all sorts of “Updating privacy policy” emails in my inbox(s), Domain Name System and Whois eventual death and destruction pronouncements, and a privacy policy for my old blog? I’m starting to think of the GDPR as the God Damned Privacy Regulation.  By the way, I do happen to agree with most of it.

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