Voting in the Eurovision — 3 Comments

  1. Couldn’t agree more.  To describe Eurovision as entertainment is a disgrace.  Given the choices available, we turned the ‘box off and read books instead.  Much more useful and absorbing.

    Oh, and I do remember the B/W telly,  but what’s this about modern cassette players?  Did you never record from T.V or radio on a BBC reel-to-reel 1/2″ tape deck?  Still have it and the tapes, but it now takes two or three people to lift it.  That, if I remember correctly, was the standard staffing – 3 men to one deck.  Even has appropriate handles either side.

    • I thought reel-to-reel used quarter inch?  I might be wrong.  I used of have libraries of those tapes, all recorded off the radio using a microphone.  I even learned to ignore the background noises of the parents telling me to turn the damn thing down.

      • Yup, the later decks used the small 1/4″ tape.  But the first BBC standard was 1/2″.  But never did learn to ignore outside intrusions.

        Anyone for 1950 Goon Shows as they were?

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