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  1. Linux Mint does all I need it to do. It even found the network printer and installed it’s own driver. Who needs a Window to the world when you have the whole world in front of you. Boo Windoze. Go Linux!

    • Dammit!  Two fucking days and I finally got the machine to realise it had wireless.

      Then there were all the fucking tweaks I had to do just to get it to run properly.

      Actually installed Mint in 15 minutes [and most of that was background updating].

  2. If you spent only 2 days getting windows wifi to work, that’s pretty good.  Now try bluetooth!Don’t even dream that you can just restart the computer and boot into the other guy. No, you have to shutdown/power-off, wait 30 seconds or so then cold-boot into the other guy. And you still have to re-pair everything.   As for windows updates, choose a time when you are very calm, almost comatose, and be prepared to turn into exploding lava when it reboots, to finish things off into … linux.  Because of course they own the machine. 

  3. There needs to be a one stop shop click and there is is all loading up. Of course you have to have the internet connection blah, blah, blah. Emulators they call them.

  4. I’m surprised at you. I installed countless Win/Linux dual boots, and in all different flavours of Linux…and minux and BSD and all the other Unix variants.First lesson I learned, from my Linuxing Betters and (usually) youngers (getting schooled by American 12 year olds was fun) was that Windows will not tolerate any Gods besides it. You Install windows first.Good, that was 15 years ago but I doubt that has changed.I am getting sooooo pissed off at how slow Windows is on this machine, when it should fly, that I am rapidly considering a dual boot.

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