Test Card Time — 2 Comments

  1. Nothing to talk about as “Resource limit is reached”. At least, that’s the message I got in the afternoon. Now it seems to accept my idiotic comment about nothing at all 😉

  2. I had this problem on one of my sites a while ago. The ISP simply said upgrade your package and I did but it didn’t help. In my case it was the number of processes and if too many people hit the site at once it starts up some new processes. Once it hits your limit you get this message instead of simply queueing them.Cure is to optimise your site to free the processes quicker, difficult one that, or buy more resources. Expensive for what may only happen a couple of times a day although I lost 90% of my visitors while my ISP failed to identify the issues. Took a new ISP to tell me what the problems were.

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