The final cut — 9 Comments

  1. You could save yourself some work in the future GD by leaving the ankle deep cut grass where it is. It will smother the lawn underneath and kill some of it off making it easier to mow next time.

    • If I left it there, there is so much it would probably kill off the entire lawn.  I have done that in the past and there are great big bare patches as a result.

      Maybe I’ll just cover it in wild flower seeds and turn it into a meadow……

      • I wouldn’t recommend cooking a vegan near an exposed flame, the gas-content could be hazardous.

        As most vegans have limited flesh evident, it’s possibly best to mince what there is, although you may need to bulk it out with a few additives to get enough material for a modest burger or two.   The wine need not be full-bodied, as the meal won’t be, so the Aldi Merlot will suffice.   Cheers.

  2. It’s in the mid fourties here. Spring is winter. The grass won’t need cutting for quite a few weeks yet. Lucky you having a warm spring.

    • Hah!  It was long because it hadn’t been cut since last August or September.  Don’t forget we had two major snowfalls [by Irish standards] only last month.  This week has been the first sunshine we have had in a very long time.

  3. If you REALLY don’t want the hassle of dismantling to change a belt, have you considered something like one of these?

    They may not particularly cheap, but if the alternative is hours of work, they can be a godsend.

    Disclaimer: I am a satisfied customer of Simply Bearings, and used one of these belts to repair my friends tractor/front end loader, where a crankshaft mounted hydraulic pump makes changing the belt a MAJOR undertaking.

    • That is interesting looking material.  It’s the first time I have had to change the belt [as distinct from just replacing it after it jumped off] so I’m hoping the new one will last a good while.  In fact the problem now is rust – I have to get a major part replaced, but if that’s too expensive I may just buy a new [push] mower.

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