Time to stop worrying — 25 Comments

  1. So far so good GD. The clock just ticked over to 12.01 am on the 23rd here and the world hasn’t ended yet. Looks like another false alarm. What is it with these end of the world fruit-loops?

  2. “NASA has debunked the existence of Planet X before, calling it a hoax, but Mr Meade stands by his story.”

    Kettle pot black.

    Dear god. There are times, many times, when I wish Dave Allen were still here.
    “the problem of excessive plastics”.

    This picture full of plastics.!/image/image.jpg_gen/derivatives/landscape_620/image.jpg
    Computer, gloves, clothes, shoes, glasses, phones, table cloth, table, computer, camera taking the shot, the box on the table, hairband, magnifying glass, though what the fuck that has to do with spotting and collecting ‘plastic’ is beyond me. Which bit is an excessive use?

  3. ‘Someone’ *hint @Grandad* might have told me that Nisaki is a bit ‘poorly’ atm? I only found out because another reader here mentioned it in passing in an email yesterday! I had noticed his blog hadn’t been updated but assumed he was in the middle of something or just enjoying a Greek Spring (like an Arab one but without the riots?).

    • What are you taking about?  I’m always in a bright and cheerful mood.  I’m looking forward to the End of the World partying tomorrow.  I’m told it’s to be quite rapturous.

  4. Earth Day was first celebrated on the 22nd April 1970. The exact 100th anniversary of Lenin’s birth.
    Vladimir Ilyich Ulyanov aka Lenin was born on the 22 April 1870.
    Just saying…

  5. This conversation just took place in the Dwarf Hovel, faithfully translated out of the Denglisch, by my hand:

    Me.: “‘ere Pwincess yer know that bloke what lives down in Greece, who sent me some ‘get thaied’ tobacco? Well it seems he’s got the cancer badly, terminal, all of a sudden- just like your mum*-the doctors have given him months to live.”  (*Excursus: The Mother-in-Law went from feeling a ‘bit off colour’ to dead within a few weeks).

    The Absolute Bestes Frau In The Entire Universe: “ach ze poor man, ve must send him ein ‘Get Well Soon‘ card”.

    Germans…so delightfully…tactful.


  6. The world ended already. We just refuse to accept it. And the wife is outside celebrating Earth Day by chopping down a Japanese honeysuckle bush. All is well.

  7. Well, it’s now 1.24 am, and I’m still here, t’Internet is still functioning, the lights are working and the loo still flushes (I just checked).  So I guess the world is still just like it always has been and will continue being.

    Or am I the only one left?

    Hello?  Hello?  Is there anybody there ……. ?

  8. It’s 12:30 PM here in Vermont so that means it’s well into the afternoon in good ol’ Ireland. Guess we’re still here? I hope so as I plan to finally wash all the winter/mud season dirt and salt of the cars tomorrow.

  9. According to Harold Camping, it was going to be six years ago!

    Meade and Camping and the rest of them are snake oil salesmen

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