Crippled leading the lame — 12 Comments

  1. You think you have problems? I have just gotten over the annual dose of SAD and now the antibiotics i have been on for months for the Epididymitis have stopped working (for the females and eunuchs among us I should explain that pretty much everything a man does, every single movement he makes, every breath even he takes, produces movement in his testicles).  I’m seriously considering ‘transitioning’- I’m already halfway there with the moobs that the Amitriptyline (for the pain,SAD and insomnia) has given me. Except the risk of my facets locking means I can’t hoover as much as my OCD demands, my male variety OCD. The thought of being a ‘woman’ with OCD and not being able to house clean….doesn’t bear thinking about.

    • I don’t have problems.  Herself and Daughter have problems – no more mobility for them.

      So the tricycles make moobs, eh?  I wondered where they came from.

  2. I don’t envy you your task at all although from past (hard) experience I know that there is some rather subdued personal satisfaction in being there when needed. I can also understand what it’s like being in a rather precarious position when you’re the only one keeping the ship afloat. You with your back and such and me with my medical problems (and no medical care as yet) back when Sister and I were taking care of our parents, etc and so-on.

    Makes me wish that meself and the wife were living right down the road from the manor instead of “across the pond”as we are. All sorts of help we could be.

    • Makes me wish that meself and the wife were living right down the road from the manor instead of “across the pond”as we are.

      Nah,can you imagine the constant noise from all them builders van and trucks coming to do repairs to the manor cos he insists on keeping Elephants in a domestic premises….not to mention the smell wafting down the lane of all that jumbo pooh.

  3. You need to devise a rope and pulley system – then Herself coming down could create the force required to pull the lawn mower up and down the garden!

  4. Oooooh, Gramps. If Herself catches sight of that picture, you are going to be in such, such big trouble! The thin ice beckons …

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