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  1. Referenda for Constitutional Issues are always a bad idea and always bring out the nut jobs on both sides. How many Irish actually still pay their bishops’ pronouncements any heed? Sure, I expect thousands of them will turn out to wave at the Pope and buy their Thai Wheatgrass Lemon and Lime Scented Lourdes water but actually ‘heed’ or even ‘obey’ their pastoral shepherds ? Very few I expect.

    Which is a shame as the Bishops aren’t totally wrong about the ‘gateway’. Not that allowing while-U-wait abortions will lead inexorably to Soylent Shamrock-Green and The Sonnenkinder…. but it helps create a ‘nazi’ society.

    • Putting the “right to life” stuff in the constitution was sheer madness.  It just led to confusion, and in a few cases, death of both mother and child.  How can a surgeon work with a scalpel in one hand and a law book in the other?

      You’re right about the bishops.  As a friend of mine once described them – a load of old wankers pissing in their britches and telling us how to live our lives.  Fortunately their influence here is drastically diminished after the series of scandals involving slave labour in workhouses [see ‘Magdalene laundries‘], clergy fathering children and of course the litany of child sexual abuse.

      As for euthanasia – bring it on!

      • How can a surgeon work with a scalpel in one hand and a law book in the other?

        Unfortunately allowing abortions on demand has not bettered the surgeon’s position,indeed it might be argued it has made it worse. I can think of at least 3 famous cases off the top of my head. Along with a scalpel in one hand and the law book in the other he must also now keep one eye on his twitter feed and the other on his Insurance policy. But that isn’t just limited to abortions, anywhere where the law and a doctor’s duty to his patient interact then there will be …problems.

        Does anyone ,besides the devout, think that euthanasia is morally wrong? Its unfortunate that it gets lumped together with abortion. Like with Capital Punishment, I have no problems with euthanasia in theory and have even offered my ‘help’ on a couple of occasions (same way we’ve offered to take in a baby,no questions asked, several times) , but I can’t see a way to make it work in practice-ie that the wrong people  don’t get killed.

        As to the ‘Right To Life’ being in or out of your constitution then your whimsical darlings in the Oireachtas (I’m betting that ain’t said: “Oi-reach-tass”) should see to it that they get a ‘constitutional majority’ (whatever number of votes that is where you are). That’s the way a parliamentary democracy works, not asking what Nobby McNobs thinks.

  2. Bashing the Bishop in the Bath always seemed to make sense to me. Getting a Bishop into the bath is the awkward bit especially if he is the Bishop of Bath & Wells.

  3. Bashing the Bishop in the Bath

    Except seminal fluid turns to Copydex (Rubber Cement for the foreigners among us) in the bath water.

      • I know because I almost lost a girlfriend…who suddenly realised she’d been walking around all day with small balls of copydex in her hair (head)…visibly in her hair.

        Older wiser me now thinks i shouldn’t have laughed…

  4. They will want ‘you’ to pay for ‘their’ abortions thru your taxes and that makes it your concern.

    I am reasonably certain that many ‘pro life’ folks would fell more comfortable having their tax money go to pay for having these women having their tubes tied so that they never have to worry about being responsible for the sexual activities.

    • They will want ‘you’ to pay for ‘their’ abortions thru your taxes and that makes it your concern.

      Good point, and one often ignored.

  5. The referendum is not about abortion – Ireland already has abortion by virtue of the constitutional right to travel elsewhere for a termination – the referendum is about whether particular religious groups should have the right to have their views incorporated in the constitution.

  6. Ireland and Malta are not the only two countries in Europe which don’t currently allow abortions.  The United Kingdom’s 1967 Abortion Act does not apply in that integral part of the United Kingdom known as Northern Ireland.

    But then Northern Ireland also has a different age of consent from the rest of the UK, it also has different MOT regulations, spookily more in common with those in the south – it’s almost as if someone was already preparing to hand over Ulster to Dublin . . . . .

    Just don’t tell the Ulster Unionists, they’ve not worked it out yet.

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